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3 Anti-Aging Hacks for People With Eczema

By: Steve Nelson

n the midst of an itchy eczema flare, it’s easy to overlook the more chronic effects of this skin disease when all you want to do is to stop scratching. Still, the long-term effects of eczema pose unique challenges for people who live with the disease for an extended period of time. The skin barrier can become damaged and eventually show signs of damage because of extended periods of dryness and inflammation. To combat how eczema can accelerate our skin’s aging process, we connected with two medical experts to identify three anti-aging hacks to consider incorporating into your eczema care routine.

#1 Manage your microbiome with a well-balanced diet

Watching your diet closely might sound like a no brainer, but once you get under the microscope of what we put into our bodies the story gets much more complex. Our bodies are comprised of billions of microbes that contribute to the strength of our skin barrier; this living system of microorganisms inside our bodies and on the surface of our skin is called the microbiome.

“The skin microbiome can contribute to the process of aging in eczema patients,” said Dr. Gil Yosipovitch, board-certified dermatologist who teaches in the Miller School of Medicine at Miami University. “An increasing body of research has examined the roles of fatty acids, vitamins and probiotic supplementation as adjunctive treatment for atopic dermatitis.”