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AMAR Association signs collaboration agreement with CANACO SERVYTUR Chetumal


By María José López Portillo | AMAR Staff

On September 8th 2017, at the Real Estate Business Summit held at Riviera Maya, Javier Govi, President and Founder of Amar Association, signed a collaboration agreement with CANACO SERVYTUR Chetumal, represented by Eloy Stalin Quintal Jimenez. The purpose of this collaboration is to boost investment in the 50+ Lifestyle and Friendly Community for the Senior Living Industry, as well as attending to the U.S., Canadian, European and Mexican retiree market. 

All of the proposed actions will be monitored and follow all legal and normative framework of the region and will create development conditions for the inhabitants of the municipalities; making it a priority to protect and preserve the natural ecosystems creating a sustainable environment for this area. 

Quintal, is very excited for the collaboration since it will highlight the potential of the Southern Zone of Quintana Roo, particularly the municipalities of Othón P. Blanco (Chetumal) and Bacalar; this state is one of the most interesting for this segment, as evidenced by the figures of Mexican residence visas issued in recent years. This collaboration is sure to bring benefits to the population of this region. 

Editor in chief of Inmobiliare and keynote speaker at the conference, Erico García García, mentioned that the objectives set for this event were met, from successfully closing agreements between the public and private sector institutions, bringing together all the most important people within touristic sector as well as receiving first-hand information from industry experts.

He considers these specialized congresses are going to have incredible growth given the success they have proven to have, with all the experts and knowledgeable people that are a part of these events. He is confident that more collaboration agreements between private and public sector will come about.  

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