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Cheap Places to Retire to in Mexico

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By Teo Spengler | USA Today

What’s the best foreign retirement destination for retirees from the U.S.? The winner is Mexico. American retirees voted for Mexico as their retirement destination of choice in the only way that really counts: they actually retired there. Between one million and two million Americans have chosen to spend their golden years south of the border, and it’s easy to understand why. Yes, the cost of living is lower than in the states and the weather is warmer, but that’s just for starters. Mexico is also close enough to home to allow easy trips back to see family or get Medicare-covered health care. On top of that, you can drive down to Mexico instead of having to take expensive flights, stay up to six months with just a passport and find many cities in Mexico that have friendly ex-pat communities. What other country can compete with that? If your thoughts are heading south of the border, consider these cities.


Merida has been called the most European-style city in Mexico and was recently named by CNN Money as Number 1 on their list of best places to retire abroad. Located near the Gulf Coast of Mexico in the state of Yucatan, Merida’s Spanish colonial architecture gives it an unexpected elegance and grace. Peaceful, but lively, the city offers exquisite food, fabulous weather, and a proximity toYucatan beaches and Mayan ruins. Merida’s beautiful central square, the Plaza Mayor, is the town’s gathering place, but you’ll also find museums and music venues in the city. In fact, citing its music and cultural flamboyance, Lonely Planet named Merida the North American capital of culture. And Merida is already home to over 3,000 Americans, making up a significant expat community. What better place to spend your Social Security check?