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Easy Financial Health Fixes Before Retirement

By: Andrew Rosen

stethoscope on money

What does your doctor have to do with your financial health? While your blood pressure may not impact your investments, there is a correlation between handling your financial health just as you handle your physical health. Just as putting off checkups and routine healthcare screenings can leave you with fewer treatment options when it comes to your physical health, avoiding talking about your finances can have the same impact on your financial health.

If you start showing signs a health issue, such as a high blood pressure reading, your doctor might suggest monitoring the situation. They also might suggest making small lifestyle improvements to better your health. However, if you let this fester for years without checking, and went to the doctor, you may have a more serious situation at hand, which could include medication or surgical treatments to resolve.

The same is true for your financial health. The sooner you address and care for your financial wellness, the more apt you’ll be to retire on track and have the funds for what you have planned. Also, the sooner you address your financial issues, especially with a financial advisor, the more time you have to resolve those issues and put a plan together to reach financial wellness without resorting to a more drastic measure.

Fixing Financial Issues Early