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By: Mark Edelen

This is not your grandmother’s ideal retirement community. Or … is it? It is if your grandmother is really into yoga and hiking, and she doesn’t give a hoot for pickleball or shuffleboard.

That’s from the findings of’s survey of more than 700 people between the ages of 50 and 89. We asked our respondents, in a voluntary survey conducted online May 10-31, 2016, what activities they want in a senior living community – and where they want that community to be.

What we found is that today’s seniors and soon-to-be seniors reflect their Baby Boomer upbringings and want an active retirement. They want exercise and yoga classes (39%), walking and hiking (36%), and swimming and water aerobics (34%). They also want to mingle! 24% of respondents favored singles nights and meet-and-greets as senior living activities.

After working up a sweat exercising, respondents want some entertainment and culture. Favored senior living activities were trips to museums and cultural events (32%), movie nights (28%), arts and crafts (23%), and restaurant outings (20%). Florida and California were by far the top two states for retirees.

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