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How I Make The Most Of Everyday In Retirement 

By: Travel Awaits

The gift of retirement came on Joe’s 65th birthday, followed by knee replacement surgery the next morning. While that might not seem like the best retirement gift, he delayed it as long as possible and then COVID exposure made it the right timing. Retirement has allowed him more time to travel with his wife. They’ve been to Europe and South America for business, but his favorite trip was to Ireland with his wife and in-laws. We talked with Joe about his retirement.

Retirement Reality

Retirement Awaits: What does a day in retirement look like for you?

Joe: We are blessed to spend time between Florida and Missouri. My wife is more the social director than I. If she hasn’t scheduled an event with friends such as dinner, movie, trip to winery, boating, I usually have an ongoing project such as painting the basement or moving bushes. I may even wash and wax the car. I do not do well just sitting. I believe, “God has given me each day to do as I choose. I can use it for good or waste it.”

Your Retirement Plan