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Latin America enters the 5G era with 15 million connections expected by 2022


5G becomes a reality in Latin America. There were launches in Brazil and Uruguay, and there are spectrum allocation processes in progress in Chile, and scheduled to begin in 2021 in Brazil, and potentially Colombia and the Dominican Republic. The latest GSMA report, “The Mobile Economy in Latin America 2020”, projects 62 million 5G connections in the region by 2025, which represents an adoption rate close to 10%. For that same year, 4G will represent 67% of connections.

5G capabilities, including higher speeds and ultra-low latencies, will allow for solutions tailored to various industries, enabling productivity increases that could be key to helping overcome the economic recession caused by the pandemic. This contribution will increase the positive impact that mobile technologies and services already have on the regional economy. In 2019, the mobile ecosystem generated 7% of Latin America’s GDP, a contribution of USD 421 billion in economic value and around 1.4 million jobs.

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