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by: Gladys Gomez In recent years, Puerto Vallarta has experienced a boom, due to its growth in the housing construction industry.

Punta Mita is located near Puerto Vallarta; this a very attractive destination for Baby Boomers who are developing retirement homes along the entire Pacific Coast.

Puerto Vallarta is one of the fastest growing cities in Mexico. It has an unprecedented proliferation of foreign retirees and expatriates because it is a colonial city which blends perfectly with a beach destination. The city lies on the same latitude as Hawaii, therefore having a perfect climate with an average temperature of 71ºF and very little rain. Its population is of barely 350,000 inhabitants, who live within a strong urban infrastructure, with paved streets, water treatment and distribution plants, power plants, electrical wiring and a newly expanded airport; it also has marine terminals, hospitals, universities and all the amenities of a big city without losing its colonial charm.

How easy is it to settle down?

Puerto Vallarta is a destination with a large influx of expatriates and retirees, mainly from the United States; therefore, new housing complexes are being constantly developed to meet the demand. It does not matter if you cannot speak Spanish, due to the cosmopolitan nature of the city, many people, especially the young, are able to communicate in English. Security is one of the city’s main concerns and this is reflected, to the extent that the prestigious magazine “Count Nast” conducted a survey where Puerto Vallarta was voted the friendliest vacation destination in the world. Moreover, the value of real estate has increased by 300% since the year 2000, making it an excellent long-term investment.

If you want to live in Vallarta, you do not need to deprive yourself of anything, here, you will have available high speed internet, cable TV and all major U.S. publications. Large department stores such as Sam’s Club, Wall-Mart, Cotsco, Home Depot, Office Depot, Staples and all the fast food chains are here.

Puerto Vallarta is also known for the quality of its medical services; here you can undergo all kinds of specialized treatments, including cosmetic surgeries, at a low cost. Its physicians are professionals and are highly qualified in their different fields, including naturopathy and homeopathy. Customized attention is guaranteed and its services are world class, therefore, its physicians are trained to communicate in different languages such as English, French or German.

What recreational activities are offered?

If you enjoy sports, Puerto Vallarta has seven golf courses, as well as numerous tennis courts, or you can go deep sea fishing. There are also cinemas, theaters and restaurants.

If your thirst for knowledge is not yet satisfied, a wide range of educational and cultural activities are available in Puerto Vallarta. Here you can learn from languages, to flamenco, tango, salsa dancing, as well as yoga, and several kinds of martial arts, gardening, cooking, music and visual arts.

Altruism in Puerto Vallarta is headed by the local and international communities, which have come together and organized themselves to improve the social conditions of its residents, providing a wealth of services not covered by the public sector.

You can also join as a volunteer one of the nonprofit organizations that are abundant in the city. There are different areas such as the defense of women’s rights and health, child care, environmental protection, and advocacy for animal rights, which is the case of SPCA (Society for the Protection of and Compassion for Animals).

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