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By Kathleen Peddicord| live and invest over seas

Why We Continue To Double Down For Property Profits In This Top Market

Over the past two decades, my husband Lief Simon and I have built a real estate investment portfolio that today includes more than two dozen pieces of property in 13 countries.

These assets include rental properties, both residential and commercial, beachfront lots, riverfront lots, productive land, and land for development.

In total, to date, we’ve bought and sold more than three dozen pieces of property in 23 countries.

We’ve enjoyed tremendous successes… we’ve made investments that didn’t play out quite as well as we’d hoped or expected… and we’ve suffered a few no-holds-barred debacles…

Our most successful investments?

By my measure, these have been the ones that were more than simply investments.

In 1999, for example, we bought a Georgian country house on a small piece of land in Waterford, Ireland, that we renovated into a home for our family when our children were small.

The timing of this investment couldn’t have been better. We bought as the Celtic Tiger waswarming up its vocals and we sold just months before the roar began to quieten down. Two years later, the Irish property market had collapsed.

We walked away, about five years after we’d made the purchase, with more than four times our money.

More than that, we came away with memories of our children riding horseback in our fields and taking jumping honors in area competitions… of traditional Irish Christmases… of weekend trips exploring city walls and fortress ruins… of summer afternoons walking castle gardens and rocky beaches… of long evenings of songs and stories in local pubs…