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The Importance of Institutional Impact Investing: care homes as an illustration

Opening the Floodgates: Increasing Institutional Investment in Impact  Investing — QS2I

About this webinarThe UK healthcare real estate sector is maturing. Occupational demand is growing owing to an ageing population and rising care needs. Meanwhile an undersupply of high-quality purpose-built accommodation persists.

The last decade has seen increasing interest in the UK healthcare market from institutional investors attracted by the scope for long dated income, attractive yields and diversification attributes.

Recent trends among institutions towards impact investing have only served to increase interest. The sector offers investors the opportunity to achieve attractive financial returns while helping solve a key societal challenge – the need for high quality care provision for our elderly population.

Join us at this educational webinar at 12:30pm on Wednesday 9 June to learn about:

– ESG and impact considerations of investing in healthcare real estate – The market dynamics underpinning healthcare real estate in the UK – The factors driving increased demand from institutional investors

Presented by: Michael Toft, Senior Fund Manager of the Octopus Healthcare Fund Benjamin Davis, Chief Executive Officer, Octopus Real Estate Tom Morgan, Executive Director, Healthcare, Operational real estate, CBRE

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