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They use artificial intelligence to detect changes in routines in older adults

By: Carlos Tomasini

Changes in the habits of an older person are often important signals that are difficult for those around them to detect, which is why artificial intelligence is a great tool.

A technology that detects the first warning signs of the loss of autonomy in older adults through sounds analyzed with artificial intelligence is developed by the French company Sonaide.

The objective is to seek to make people independent for longer, so through a series of devices and a computer, daily domestic noises are analyzed to identify any change in habits at home in time.

Thus, if you hear that a coffee maker is turned on later and later, that the microwave oven does not sound at a fixed time or the water in the shower falls less times a week, these may be signs that indicate changes in the daily routine of a person. Person who, in turn, could be interpreted as the beginning of the loss of autonomy of an older adult who lives alone.

Everyday sounds are analyzed for several days by an algorithm that detects changes and issues, if necessary, alerts that help family members make timely decisions, such as hiring a caregiver or making adaptations to the home.

This technology was developed by Nicolas Turpault after he spent his doctorate studying background noise, which also brought him into contact with large companies that work on the same issues and with specialists who study them.

He clarifies that artificial intelligence is respectful of privacy, so, for example, sensors that are placed in various places in the house do not send any sound data to the outside.

“Today, many companies are designing gigantic models that pack a punch. But my work focused on the ability to make small models capable of operating with very little data”, he notes.

Changes in the habits of an older adult are usually important signals that are difficult for those around them to detect, so artificial intelligence is a great tool to identify them.

A few days ago, Sonaide won the category of Innovation and New Technologies at the SilverEco Festival, which takes place in Cannes, France, and which aims to talk about the so-called “Silver Economy”, that is, the economy linked to demographic change caused by the aging of the population.

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