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Why invest in private equity during my retirement?

Por: Denis Yris

Most older adults do not have a retirement savings fund that allows them to have a decent and worry-free life.

In Mexico, the culture of prevention is an issue that has been discussed on several occasions and is still not taken into account. Preparing for retirement is an option that many Mexicans leave in oblivion.

Today, one of the most vulnerable sectors is the elderly. For the most part, they do not have a retirement savings fund that allows them to have a decent life without worries.

Currently there are different alternatives to plan a calm and safe future. According to figures from the National Retirement Savings System Commission, in Mexico only two out of ten young people make plans for their future. This figure is growing, but it is still not enough.

It is young people who are currently looking for alternatives and various investment formats for retirement and putting their money to work for their future. Investing at any time in our lives is an action that will allow our economic growth.

Venture capital or private equity is a growing industry and one of the most favorable options to achieve high returns and boost the economy.

The Mexican Association of Private Capital defines private capital in Mexico as a strategy in which professional investors invest in companies with great growth potential on a temporary basis, providing support in the development process.


Although saving for retirement is fundamental and is the beginning to ensure the moment in which you stop working, we must consider that an investment that allows us to put our money to work will allow us to have much more profitable extra capital.

Thinking about investing for retirement is the possibility that so many years of effort have a greater compensation.

To ensure the future, there are different options in the market, but it is the investment funds with the purpose of retirement that are presented today as the most requested scheme.

Mutual funds for retirement purposes are the fastest growing option today. They are the ones that have been considered the most by young people when planning their future, since they have the greatest advantage: they create a return.

In this case, you should consider how much you want to earn and how much time you can commit to. Likewise, you must be aware of the risks of the assets with which you work.

These funds are managed by companies focused on investing the resources of individuals, families or institutions in private companies so that they have greater growth. Therefore, investing for retirement in a private equity fund is the option that can give you the most certainty for the future.

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