Being a member comes with the opportunity to access unique infrmation, be in touch with Senior Living & Care industry leaders, and share high executives' experiences.


Supports the supply and demand of investors, developers, builders, consultants, suppliers of goods and services.


AMAR CONSULTING® is our subsidiary and manages the relationship between members and industry specialists to detonate turnkey projects.


LIVE WELLness SERVICES® makes possible residential real estate complexes through proper operation, management and marketing of projects feasible.


We have 2 types of accreditations: Architectural Design & Urban Accreditation and Senior Friendly Destination Accreditation.

Academic Certification

Training, research, education and networking, to have the human resource capacity to meet 50+market needs.


México can turn into the favourite destination for Americans and Canadians who leave their country in search for places with life quality that are more affordable.

Throughout the years, members of AMAR have depended on the association for its expertise on three main programmes that guide our Association:

I) State and Federal Lobbying

II) Education, Research and Networking

III) Coordination with Issuing Countries


AMAR has enough experience to represent the industry before the nation’s executive and legislative powers.

We have a strong purpose in discussing and supporting the public politics configuration and legislative priorities nationally and regionally that give sense to the regulation of 50+ communities, as well as designing a legal and fiscal frame that gives certainty to investment and a sustained and reliable development in an extended period of time to the housing of seniors, and being the spokesperson and advocate of developers on topics that make an impact on the industry, like real estate financing, soil use regulations, housing policies and labor policies.

AMAR consolidates as a strong and unified voice at the Union’s Congress, giving aid to federal servants who answer to our problems and have influence over issues of vital interest to promote a proper business environment that ensures quality, competition and innovation.


The motor force that drives AMAR is born and nurtured from demographic trends of North American seniors, which has motivated us to create innovative prgrammes that answer the needs from different cultures; this is why in this culture pot the oportunity to Exchange ideas has been the detonator of our educational forums, providing opportunities so high executives involved in senior housing share information and business knowledge and participate in sensible debates about issues that the industry faces, including migration processes that will be a turning point for its development.


A crescent number of american and Canadian citizens is moving to México for retirement. Lots of them have found that life cost and assistance and health services are extremely satisfactory; however, they have had to adjust to live this phase and they come with their own ways to be able to return to their homw countries to receive said cares through their assigned government health systems.

Through our CREAN 50+ forum we will provide debate that contributes in the coordination of these countries; the coordination has to establish rules for multilateral agreements that ease individuals’ free transit and proper migrating, legal and fiscal interaction.

Migration laws have to be modified to give certainty and credibility to this growing movement; if it’s well known that there’s constant flow in the borderline caused by the manufacturing industry, there’s no precedent for the flow generated by seniors who are looking for better alternatives to have a pleasant senescence with a superior cost-benefit than their hometown.

Long Term Care services will be influenced by this flow, despite high quality services provided in the country, there is always going to be the need for the residents to obtain these services where they receive the health benefits from their country.

Our Partners.

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