Investment Opportunities

If you are interested in entering the real estate industry with high capital gains and a promising future, the Retirement Assistance Industry is your best choice. 

“Investment Opportunities” is a list of land, projects and real estate assets being converted. Here you will find options that will allow you to easily enter the Retirement Assistance Industry.

 Each section will provide critical information so you can make informed decisions. We will be attentive to your questions to support you at all times and help you choose the best investment.

 If you have land or real estate such as a hotel or apartment building and want to convert it, contact us. We can get them into the market and find the best buyer, investor or partner for you.

Remember that AMARes is a trigger for Retirement Communities, we are not real estate developers; We are the partner that will help you enter this fascinating Retirement Assistance Industry.

Backed by AMAR approval, they meet essential criteria for the development of a retirement community. With ideal characteristics, these spaces offer the right environment to create an enriching environment adapted to the needs of those seeking an active and full life in retirement.

In this section, we will introduce you to properties that already have a residential real estate project, where comprehensive personalized wellness, assistance and health services will be provided to satisfy the process of permanent development and growth of the 50+ sector.
These properties already have:
  • Market study
  • Conceptual Architectural and Urban Design (has the AMAR Seal of Approval Accreditation)
  • Feasibility study
  • Business Plan with the criteria and standards for presentation to investment funds and family funds.

They are buildings, existing hotels suitable for conversion into a retirement community. They should be adapted to meet the needs and preferences of older residents. This may involve a series of changes to create an environment that is safe and accessible, for example the incorporation of elevators, ramps, spaces to provide medical care, common areas, installation of security systems, etc.