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Redesigning Retirement
 Redefining Longevity.


AMAR Consulting specializes in consulting, advisory, and project management in the retirement assistance industry, including residential real estate complexes with comprehensive wellness, healthcare, and assistance services focused on meeting the aging needs of the 50+ sector. 


    Feasibility               Structure            Operability.

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Discover Your Perfect Retirement Home with Our Personalized Advisory Service

At AMAR, we understand that finding the ideal place to enjoy your retirement is an important and deeply personal decision. That's why we offer a dedicated and tailored advisory service to help you navigate the numerous options of retirement communities in Mexico. Our experts, with in-depth market knowledge and an extensive network, are here to guide you through every step of the process. From understanding your individual needs and preferences to presenting options that align perfectly with your desired lifestyle, we are committed to turning your retirement vision into a tangible reality. With AMAR, you are closer to discovering that special place where you can live your golden years with comfort, security, and joy.

Join Our Waiting List or Contact Us to Address Your Queries

If you're ready to take the first step toward your ideal retirement or if you have questions about our advisory service, we invite you to fill out our contact form. Join our waiting list today and secure your spot on the path to a fulfilling and satisfying retirement. We are here to help you find not just a retirement community but a home where every day is a cause for celebration.




AMAR three ways to promote:

1. Our YouTube channel AMARTV is dedicated to interviewing business leaders, public officials, and national opinion leaders about the demographic trends of the 50+ sector and the impact the Silver Economy is having on the global economy. AMARTV consists of 2 programs:

We introduce entrepreneurs or individuals who are starting businesses or altruistic activities or volunteering after the age of 50.

Dialogues with members of the Proudly 50+ Club who promote culture, writing, and music.


2. Our bi-weekly newsletter "E-news" shares the most relevant news in the Retirement Assistance Industry with our database.


3.Our social media platforms, where we share important information about the industry and showcase the latest developments we've been working on.




The educational exchange program has established AMAR as one of the most respected organizations in North America.

Photo of the International AMAR Convention 2023 (CIAMAR 2023)
The driving force behind AMAR is derived from the demographic trends of older adults in North America, which has led us to create innovative programs that address the needs of diverse cultures. Our openness to the exchange of ideas has been crucial in generating educational forums where prominent executives in the senior housing industry share information, discuss sector challenges, and explore the migratory processes that impact its development.

These unique opportunities allow for networking and interacting with prominent leaders in the industry, including developers, builders, engineers, lawyers, architectural designers, urban planners, investors, financial advisors, academics, architects, public officials, renowned universities, and colleges. Additionally, we have internationally recognized speakers from both the political and business spheres.