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Our proposal began in 2007, with the state of Arizona as a backdrop. Arizona, in the 1960s, became a trendsetter for what would later become the senior living and care industry. A visionary like Del Webb initiated a national market study that provided the foundations for a new way of viewing the aging population. As a result, he developed one of the major projects for the 50+ sector, "Sun City."

​Primarily inspired by this initiative and guided by our vision, where it became clear to us that this should be seen as an emerging industry. This is how we decided to bring this industry to Mexico, which we would define as the Retirement Assistance Industry.


AMAR's Planning

The planning for AMAR begins in San Diego, California. Active participation takes place in the "Baja California Meeting Point" with an investment portfolio in the Sea of Cortez and the Baja California Peninsula.



​0AMAR AC is born and introduced in Tucson, Arizona, within the framework of the event "AMAR is contracted by IPADE"Sale of Mexico." 

The 1st International Congress on the Retirement Assistance Industry is held in Mexico City, in collaboration with the Pan-American Institute of High Business Management - IPADE.

"Mexico: Vision for the 21st Century"

AMAR participates with IPADE in its national course "Mexico: Vision for the 21st Century," delivering lectures in different states of the country
AMAR Comprehensive Centers and Certifications.

The "AMAR Seal of Approval" and "Senior Friendly Destination" certifications are established.

The 50+ Lifestyle & Friendly Communities business model is developed, also known as CIAMAR - Comprehensive AMAR Centers.


AMAR Consulting y AMAR Friends Foundation

AMAR Consulting is created, providing advisory and consultancy services, as well as developing turnkey Retirement Community projects.

AMAR Friends Foundation is founded as the voice of retired foreigners and nationals.

FIT 50+
The FIT 50+ Project is launched, promoting the culture of active adults based on the Wellness, Wellbeing philosophies, and holistic activities for the 50+ sector.

National Analysis

The 1st Specialized National Analysis in the Retirement Assistance Industry is presented, sponsored by Ballesol Spain and Grupo Presidente-Intercontinental.
Ballesol Grupo Presidente is inaugurated in Querétaro, Querétaro.


Belmont Village in Santa Fe, Mexico City, is inaugurated.

AMAR is introduced in Miami, FL, marking the beginning of its expansion into Latin America.

Se planea un CIAMAR en colaboración con el World Trade Center en Cancún, Qroo
Find your community                                           

The "Find Your Community" portal is implemented. Work begins on the development of Retirement Communities in Valle de Bravo, State of Mexico, and Ajijic, Jalisco.                                                  
AMAR enters the Latin American Encounters in Panama and Costa Rica, consolidating its presence in Latin America.


LIVEWELLness, AMAR Colombia, and progress in the development of Retirement Communities.

An alliance is signed with the company LIVEWELLness, a specialist in providing comprehensive wellness services for the elderly.         
Work begins on the development of Retirement Communities in Hermosillo, Sonora.
The First Retirement Communities Meeting in Mexico is held in coordination with Ballesol Grupo Presidente.

Work begins on conceptualizing the development of Retirement Communities in Colombia, Costa Rica, and Panama.

A Collaboration Agreement is signed with IDEFIN - Institute for the Development and Financing of the State of Quintana Roo, the most important tourist destination in Mexico.

Se participa con la ADIG - Asociación de Desarrolladores Inmobiliarios de Guatemala y se inicia con los trabajos para la conceptualización del desarrollo de comunidades de retiro en aquel país.

AMAR Colombia is inaugurated, with Diego Monsalve serving as Vice President. The first meeting takes place between the Consulate of Colombia in Los Angeles, CA, ProColombia, Colombia Nos Une, and Colombian developers.

LIVEWELLness Care, AMAR Costa Rica, Agreement with SECTUR, AMAR Panama, AMAR Guatemala, and National Excellence Professional Award.

AMAR Costa Rica is inaugurated, with Alberto Chavarria Arce as Vice President.

The First Virtual Forum is held with the participation of the top 3 countries considered to be the most favored destinations by the Baby Boomer generation.

A collaboration agreement is signed with SECTUR, the Federal Tourism Secretariat of Mexico, to promote the Retirement Assistance Industry. This collaboration begins at the II Tianguis de Pueblos Mágicos with the theme: "Magical Towns, Senior-Friendly Destinations."

AMAR Panama is inaugurated, with Aldo Stagnaro serving as Vice President.

AMAR Guatemala is inaugurated, with Arq. Juan Pablo Rosales as Vice President.

The AMAR Group receives the National Excellence Professional Award 2021, presented by the Government of Mexico City and the Mexico Hall of Fame.