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Attend and Learn about the Growing Investment Opportunity in Mexico and LATAM

The Industry 50+ Wellness & Senior Living

Attend, it's time to invest in real estate development for the growing Retirement Assistance Industry

Mexico, number 1 retirement destination worldwide 

Intergenerational Communities, a trend that is here to stay.

Discover your new market. Senior housing and care continues to evolve to serve new consumers with different expectations, now wanting services focused on wellness.

Nearetiring: reverse migration that generates large foreign exchange earnings to the country.

Edition of CIAMAR, which will be carried out by AMAR, the Mexican Retirement Assistance Association A.C.


Millions of retirees live in Mexico, including Americans, Canadians, Europeans, Mexican Americans and Latin Americans.


Millions of dollars annually enter Mexico as it has positioned itself as the number one destination worldwide.


The new generation, older adults, between 50 and 80 years old.

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