10 Beautiful Beachside Towns To Retire To In Mexico

By Reena Jain

These are the best beach towns in Mexico to retire to, with low living costs, beautiful weather, and a happy, healthy lifestyle.

Thinking about retiring to a Mexican beach town to live a comfortable and cozy life? Not to worry! There are numerous gorgeous beach towns in Mexico that offer low-cost living, excellent healthcare, and a lovely community, allowing elderly adults to live the life of their dreams.

Mexico has plenty of stunning hideaways, some with breathtaking mountain scenery and others with miles of sandy beaches, but they are all popular tourist destinations. To enjoy a calm retirement life, however, one should opt for a less-touristy location! Nonetheless, Mexico has several such beach towns that promise a happy, healthy life for senior citizens. Here are the ten best beach towns to retire to in Mexico and feel at home sweet home!

10 | Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta (PV) on Mexico's Pacific coast is not only a dreamy tourist destination but also a popular expat neighborhood. The town is a fantastic beach location for retirement, and it's a choice with good reason. It offers an affordable (with an average cost of $1,221 for one person) yet high quality of life, pleasant weather, friendly locals, and plenty to see and do, even for senior citizens. With an outstanding healthcare system and tourists feeling secure, it is likewise regarded as one of the safest places in Mexico!

  • Amenities for senior citizens: Healthcare facilities, Retirement communities, Recreational activities, Well-developed transportation system
  • Attractions for retirees in Puerto Vallarta: Beautiful beaches, Vibrant art and culture scene, Warm climate, Affordable cost of living, Active expat community
  • Is Puerto Vallarta Safe: Yes

9 | Mazatlan

Mazatlán is another of the best beach retirement towns in Mexico on the Pacific coast. Retirees can easily find an affordable property near the water, whether renting or buying. Plus, there are plenty of affordable housing options even in other popular areas, such as the marina or golf course. The town offers a complete package of seaside appeal, the city's amenities, and historical charm, with miles of sandy shores, a long boardwalk, and a 16th-century colonial center. There are several well-known retailers in Mazatlan, including Home Depot and Walmart, as well as a hospital and an international airport, making it a comfortable and safe place to live in Mexico.

  • Amenities for senior citizens: Senior community centers, Healthcare facilities and hospitals, Retirement communities, Accessible public transportation, Recreational parks and walking trails
  • Attractions for retirees in Mazatlan: Beachfront living, Cultural festivals and events, Affordable cost of living (average $1164 for one person), Historic Old Town exploration, Water sports and outdoor activities
  • Is Mazatlan Safe: Yes

8 | Zihuatanejo

Zihuatanejo, a coastal town on the Pacific, is notable for its inexpensive cost of living (average $985 for one person), fantastic beaches, and charming fishing village vibe. With foreigners from all over the world, many of whom have lived there for years, it is also one of the most sought-after places to call home. Retirement in Zihuatanejo can be leisurely or active, as there is so much to see and experience in and around the town. With its friendly community and excellent amenities and activities for senior citizens, it's easy to see why so many expats choose to retire in this picturesque Mexican beach town.

  • Amenities for senior citizens: Retirement communities, Assisted living facilities, Medical and healthcare services, Accessible public transportation, Recreational activities.
  • Attractions for retirees in Zihuatanejo: Beautiful beaches, Waterfront Dining, Arts and Crafts Markets, Fishing and Boating, Cultural Festivals
  • Is Zihuatanejo Safe: Yes

7 | Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas is one of the best places to live in Mexico, whether one is a single adult in their early 20s or ready to retire. The cost of living is far lower (average $1103 for one person) than in many US and Canadian cities, and the healthcare network is strong, with many private and public hospitals and clinics and English-speaking doctors. With warm days and cool evenings, Cabo San Lucas is ideal for beachside activities and relaxing. On the southern tip of the Baja Peninsula, it offers excellent dining, shopping, entertainment, and all the luxuries required for a comfortable retirement.

  • Amenities for senior citizens: Senior-friendly healthcare facilities, Retirement Communities, Leisure and recreational activities, Accessible transportation, Cultural and social clubs
  • Attractions for retirees in Cabo San Lucas: Warm climate, Beaches, and water activities, Vibrant local culture, Affordable cost of living, Golf courses, and outdoor recreation
  • Is Cabo San Lucas Safe: Yes

6 | Loreto

On the eastern tip of the Baja California Peninsula, Loreto provides an idyllic setting for retirement and a healthy way of life. Loreto is steeped in history and has a "Pueblo Mágico" rating for its exceptional natural and cultural fascination. Away from the crowds of Mexico’s popular resort towns, it boasts white-sand beaches and crystal-clear waters, providing possibilities to indulge in water activities and to see exceptional marine life like humpback whales. The cost of living is lower, and medical care is of high quality, making Loreto one of the best beach towns to live in Mexico after retirement.

  • Amenities for senior citizens: Senior wellness programs, Access to medical facilities, Retirement communities, Low-cost healthcare, Elderly care services
  • Attractions for retirees in Loreto: Scenic beaches, Outdoor recreational activities, Rich history and culture, Affordable cost of living, Peaceful and tranquil environment
  • Is Loreto Safe: Yes

5 | Huatulco

For retirees and foreigners looking for a more genuine experience, Huatulco's small-town atmosphere is particularly alluring. Its picturesque natural bays, little coves, and white-sand beaches draw in nature enthusiasts. Huatulco is an eco-friendly town and the very first community in the Americas to receive the Green Globe certification. Nine bays shield the region from strong hurricanes, the lifestyle is dreamy, and there is a wealth of flora and fauna to enjoy. The cost of living in Huatulco is low, and high-quality medical services are available at affordable prices.

  • Amenities for senior citizens: Medical Facilities, Retirement Communities, Senior Activity Centers, Assisted Living Services, Public Transportation
  • Attractions for retirees in Huatulco: Beaches and Water Activities, Warm Climate, Scenic Natural Beauty, Affordable Cost of Living, Vibrant Expat Community
  • Is Huatulco Safe: Yes

4 | Ensenada

Ensenada, the wine capital of Mexico, offers much more than just wine, including fantastic beaches, breathtaking scenery, cultural activities, and delicious cuisine. Many people considering relocating to Mexico are drawn to Ensenada because of its Mediterranean climate. Additionally, this port city is approximately a two-hour drive from San Diego, California, making it quite alluring to foreign nationals who desire to live close to the United States. Additionally, the lower cost of living (average $845 for one person) in comparison to US cities is a big draw. All in all, a retiree in Ensenada enjoys a life full of relaxation and excitement, diverse cultural experiences, and an abundance of recreational activities.

  • Amenities for senior citizens: Medical facilities, Retirement Communities, Senior activity centers, Affordable living, Accessible public transportation
  • Attractions for retirees in Ensenada: Coastal living, Wine tasting in Valle de Guadalupe, Mild climate, Cultural events and festivals, Baja California cuisine
  • Is Ensenada Safe: Yes

3 | La Paz

La Paz, although the capital of Baja California Sur, is less touristy than the popular Los Cabos cities. Meaning it is an ideal beach town for retirees looking for peace and quiet. It is undoubtedly a fantastic place to live and lead a happy life, with great weather, a reasonable cost of living (average of $986 for one person), and a range of exciting activities and attractions. There are two great hospitals here, one mainly catering to expats and an international airport. La Paz is also considered one of the safest places in Mexico to live and retire. La Paz's culinary scene is likewise top-notch, and the seafood is plentiful, inexpensive, and fresh.

  • Amenities for senior citizens: Senior community centers, Healthcare facilities, Retirement communities, Accessible transportation, Recreational parks and green spaces
  • Attractions for retirees in La Paz: Waterfront promenades, Cultural festivals, Fishing and water sports, Local cuisine, Relaxing beaches
  • Is La Paz Safe: Yes

2 | Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen stands out as a top choice for expats seeking to relocate abroad and lead a more leisurely lifestyle. It's simple to understand why! This coastal Mexican town has it all: stunning surroundings, excellent Mexican cuisine, reasonable yet luxurious accommodations, and, above all, a low cost of living (average $1082 for one person). There are no high-rise hotels or resorts inside the city borders. So, travelers are in for a treat as they enjoy the small Mexican town vibes while still taking advantage of all the amenities of a large city. Nonetheless, with all of these amenities, as well as great healthcare and senior-citizen-friendly facilities, Playa is progressively establishing itself as one of Mexico's top retirement destinations.

  • Amenities for senior citizens: Senior-friendly healthcare services, Retirement communities, Leisurely beaches, Cultural activities, Affordable cost of living
  • Attractions for retirees in Playa del Carmen: Beachfront living, Active Expat community, Mayan Ruins exploration, Water activities (snorkeling, diving, etc.), Restaurants and cafes for dining and socializing
  • Is Playa del Carmen Safe: Yes

1 | Chelem

Chelem, a former fishing community, is located on the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico's Gulf Coast. The town is known for its laid-back lifestyle, scenic surroundings, beaches, and unique culture, enticing foreigners, especially North Americans, to make it their home. It is about a 40-minute drive from Merida City, which is another advantage of living here. Add to that the presence of numerous retail malls, hospitals, and eating establishments, as well as an airport, and so there is everything to satisfy the needs for a quality life. The cost of living in Chelem is also attractive for retirees, allowing them to live a joyful and relaxed life while getting the most bang for their hard-earned bucks.

  • Amenities for senior citizens: Medical facilities, Senior community centers, Accessible accommodations, Recreational activities, Home healthcare services
  • Attractions for retirees in Chelem: Beachfront living, Affordable cost of living, Cultural events, Relaxation and wellness, Expat community
  • Is Chelem Safe: Yes

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